KEMERISTEKDIKTI Aprreciation to ASUH’S Program of Universitas Jember


Jember, September 9th, 2017

Directorate General of Learning and Student Affairs (Belmawa) and (Kemenristekdikti) appreciate ASUH’s Program implemented by Universitas Jember. This was conveyed directly by the Monitoring and Evaluation Team (Monev) while conducting monitoring and evaluation activities of six Private Universities in Besuki Raya, which was fostered by Universitas Jember (9/9). According to Gentur Sutopo and Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandari, members of Monev Team of Directorate General of Belmawa, ASUH is Program implemented by Universitas Jember and it has been running well, as evidenced by the establishment of institutions and quality assurance system in all it, complete with documents and operating procedures to run activities quality assurance.

ASUH is a program of assistance for private universities in developing and developing quality documents, increasing the competence of human resources, quality document preparation, standard operating procedure preparation, and implementation and verification of quality documents. Universitas Jember also accompanies the program study in the Private Universities which will apply for accreditation. This activities held at the Universitas Jember, the Directorate General of Belmawa interviewed and examined documents from six universities in Besuki Raya, Universitas Tujuh Belas Agustus Banyuwangi, Universitas Bhakti Indonesia Banyuwangi, Universitas Lumajang, Universitas Panca Marga Probolinggo, Universitas Islam Jember, dan Universitas Abdulrachman Saleh Situbondo.

One of the success of this program appears at the Universitas Tujuh Belas Agustus Banyuwangi. According to Irwan Kurniawan, Head of Supervision and Quality Assurance Unit, two courses was accredited C have now achieved accreditation of B. “By following ASUH we get assistance how to prepare quality assurance system, to accompaniment during visitation by accreditation team. Alhamdulillah Agrotechnology and Fisheries Program Study which originally accreditation C is now up to B. Although ASUH program will end in October, we continue to cooperate with Universitas Jember, one of them is to prepare accreditation for Biology Education Study Program, “explained Irwan Kurniawan.

The success was welcomed by Gentur Sutopo. According to him, quality improvement in all universities becomes the current requirement, hopefully no more impression that Private Universities always placed under Public Universities. “If the quality of a college was good, it will automatically affect the progress of the region. Therefore we appreciate the ASUH Program run by Universitas Jember, including the Hospitality Forum Public Universities and Private Collage in Besuki Raya, “he said. Gentur Sutopo suggested this cooperation developed by starting to prepare a road map for each Public Collage based on the benefits of each Private Collage and potential areas where the Private Collage is located. Meanwhile Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandari proposed that ASUH’s Program involves the foundation board of the Public Collage.

Responding to input from Monev Team of DG Belmawa, Sugeng Winarso, and the head of the Monev Program promised to follow up. According to him, the University of Jember has signed a cooperation with the six Private Collage, so after the ASUH’s program ends, the cooperation will continue and develop. “Some private universities, such as Universitas Panca Marga, have asked us to accompany the preparation of three new study programs along with the improvement of the existing laboratory services, so that when the ASUH’s Program ends, Universitas Jember will continue to accompany,” said Sugeng Winarso. This activity was opened directly by Moh. Hasan, Rector of Universitas Jember accompanied by Zulfikar, Vice Rector I for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Alumni, and attended by all team.

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